Section II. Travel


Elgin School District #23 will arrange transportation to and from all activities – athletic contests.

Each student – athlete will remain with the group – team and under the supervision of the advisor – coaching staff when attending away games.

All students – athletes will travel to and from activities – contests with the team and in school district provided transportation unless prior arrangements are made with the coach and building principal.

Selection of Students - Athletics for Competitions

Elgin School District #23 welcomes all students – athletes to participate in school activities – sports.  The number of participants in activities – athletics is regulated in some athletic events.  The number of athletes that are allowed to participate in a varsity, district or state competition are as follows:

School Equipment and Facilities

It is important that students – athletes help to retain or improve the current status of the school athletic facilities and equipment/uniforms.

Appeal Procedure

Student participants and their parents may appeal in writing any violation and/or elimination action taken by a Coach-Advisor by requesting a hearing before an Activity Council which shall include in its membership the School Principal, Athletic Director, and Head Coach-Advisor.

Conduct During the Sport/Activity Season

To participate on a regular basis at practice and competitions:

School Attendance Prior to a Contest, Activity or Practice

Students - Athletes must attend at least a half day of school to be eligible for practice and a full day of school in order to be eligible for competition that same day.  No Student-Athlete is to participate in competition or practice on the same day of receiving an unexcused absence.

Excused Absence and or Tardy to be determined by building principal include:

Elgin School District Academic Eligibility

All extracurricular participants will be academically checked at mid-quarter, quarter, and semester.  All participants must be passing all classes to be eligible.  Students determined to be ineligible at a grade check time will be ineligible for the entire week following the grade check.  Students shall become eligible for participation again when they are considered to be making satisfactory progress.  To be considered for satisfactory progress a student must be showing effort and making improvement towards earning a passing grade.

OSAA Academic Eligibility

OSAA academic eligibility rules require that the semester prior to participating in any extracurricular activity each student is required to have passed the equivalent of five academic classes (five credits), and to be making satisfactory progress toward meeting graduation requirements.  In addition, according to Elgin School District academic eligibility rules, those not enrolled in seven classes shall not be allowed to continue participation.  During wrestling and basketball season when the semester falls during the season, Elgin School District academic eligibility rules will b

Student Extra-curricular Activities Participation Handbook

Elgin Middle/High School

The extracurricular activities at Elgin School District #23 are a part of the total education program.  We see athletics, FBLA, FFA, Math Contests, etc., as extensions of our district curriculum that can provide students, who elect to participate, an opportunity to perform at a higher skill level athletically and academically.