Elgin School District Academic Eligibility

All extracurricular participants will be academically checked at mid-quarter, quarter, and semester.  All participants must be passing all classes to be eligible.  Students determined to be ineligible at a grade check time will be ineligible for the entire week following the grade check.  Students shall become eligible for participation again when they are considered to be making satisfactory progress.  To be considered for satisfactory progress a student must be showing effort and making improvement towards earning a passing grade. Failure to do so will result in another week of ineligibility.  Any student experiencing two mandatory ineligibility weeks may be required to meet with the Coach, Principal, Athletic Director and parent to determine if he/she will be dropped permanently from the sport-activity.  A student dropped from one sport or activity in one season begins the next season as eligible if they meet the OSAA minimum standards of passing five (5) of their seven (7) classes.

Student-athletes who are determined to be ineligible shall report to study hall from 3:30-4:30 on Tuesdays while they are ineligible.  Other than the assigned study hall time the student-athletes are expected to attend practices.  Ineligible athletes cannot travel or be with the team during a contest while they are ineligible.