Section II, Travel


Elgin School District #23 will arrange transportation to and from all activities – athletic contests.

Each student – athlete will remain with the group – team and under the supervision of the advisor – coaching staff when attending away games.

All students – athletes will travel to and from activities – contests with the team and in school district provided transportation unless prior arrangements are made with the coach and building principal.

  1. For the safety and general welfare of all students – athletes, any student – athlete riding to an event must return on the bus. An exception to this rule is that coaches and/or advisors are allowed to release students to their parents or guardians following an activity. Another exception to this rule will be in the event that the parent/guardian completes and turns into the principal for approval, prior to the activity, a travel release form for their student – athlete. This would allow a student-athlete to ride home from an event with another adult (non-student). Advisors – coaches will have sign – out sheets with them at events.
  2. If a student – athlete does not return to the school bus by the time he/she has been instructed by the employee in charge of the activity trip, the bus driver will wait one half hour for the student. The advisor – coach will then contact the local police department in the town where the bus is waiting and the bus will proceed back to Elgin School District #23. The advisor – coach will contact the parent/guardian of the student – athlete and inform them of the action taken.
  3. Each student – athlete will obey all school bus regulations.