November 9, 2020

Elgin School District Update Regarding Union County COVID-19 Cases over the Previous Two Weeks:

The Elgin School District is continually tracking the situation regarding the countywide increase in COVID-19 cases.  At this time, Elgin School District will continue to operate K – 12 in person instructional schedule.

The new metrics allow our district to make a local decision based on community spread of COVID and impact on school operations. If our Local Public Health Authority, community, and school leadership teams indicate we should move to Comprehensive Distance Learning, we would notify our staff, students, families, and community; also allowing our teachers a day or more of planning time and time to distribute necessary materials.  It is our hope to keep all students in class.  However, your child’s health and the health of our staff will be our top priority. 

Should we move to Comprehensive Distance Learning L - School staff will still work in our school locations to offer CDL and Elgin will offer Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) and food services. LIPI services will be small groups, such as those that participate in specialized classes, mental health, and Life Skills.  Elgin will also invite back students that have failing grades or have a high need for specialized student services.

Please be reminded we do not have control of the numbers of cases reported in Union County, we only have control of how we respond.  There may be a change required tomorrow to this plan, or we might make it through for months.  But, we will move forward with our student and staff health as our priority.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate the unknown twists and turns of Covid.

Mrs. Greif, Superintendent

Elgin School District