Husky FBLA is hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater competition Wednesday. I wonder who will wear the ugliest sweater!
3 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Triple kudos to these ladies! Mr. Johnson recognizes Jacie, Chelsie and Rylee as Husky Humanitarians. Mr. Johnson states, "CITIZENSHIP. They took the initiative to move the student section signage in the gym, and adding additional décor to it." Thanks girls for noticing that something needed attention and making it better!
3 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Elgin School Board Meeting tonight @ 6:30pm.
3 months ago, Elgin School District
Greetings Husky Families! Elgin School District will be releasing students at 1:30 pm on December 22nd. Merry Christmas!
3 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Elgin Memorial Classic Wrestling Tournament Friday and Saturday! December 16th and 17th Begins at 3:00pm on Friday the 16th. Begins at 10:00am on Saturday the 17th. Elgin High School Gymnasium Good luck Husky wrestlers!
3 months ago, Elgin School District
High School Basketball @ Powder Valley tomorrow, Thursday the 15th @ 6:00pm. Bus departs High School @ 4:15pm. Good luck Huskies!
4 months ago, Husky Athletics
Wacky Wednesday Challenge for tomorrow is to wear a Christmas Tree ornament. Lots of options because it can be in your hair, on your hat, shirt or shoes.
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
What was Bolen's Forestry class up to today? Lots of cool stuff as they were on a fieldtrip learning about a few practices the forestry department uses to manage our forests!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Look who won our Staff Challenge . . . our beloved Mrs. Sorensen! As always, our staff is always doing whatever it takes to do what is best for kids!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Holiday fundraiser for Elgin JH/HS. Come check out the Christmas trees in our foyer, and buy tickets for your chance to win your favorite tree.
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Let's celebrate our latest Husky Humanitarian, Rukkus! Ms. Lilly states, "Citizenship! Rukkus took the initiative to make sure our classroom was tidy after an activity, and did so with a positive attitude!" Thank you Rukkus for seeing the need, and jumping in to help out!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Never a dull moment in AG! Inoculating newly born lambs, along with some grant money to keep these experiences going! Much appreciation to Mark Coomer from NW Farm Credit Services for coming out today to present Elgin FFA with $3,000 for the purchase of panels and show supplies. Programs for kids are only possible because of the generosity of others!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
"In where, you say?" No worries for Huskies! They had no problem preg testing heifers! What an awesome experience today for Animal Science students with Mrs. Oveson, even if it was a little cold and lots of soap was needed afterwards!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Tomorrow for our Wacky Wednesday Challenge, and it is PJ Day! FBLA is offering prizes, so make sure you wear your favorite and warmest PJ's!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Programming and printing their own 3D Christmas ornaments in Mrs. Anderson's JH Business class! Students were beaming with confidence and pride!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Kudos up to the clouds for Mrs. Craig for being recognized by a colleague as a Husky Humanitarian! Mr. McNall states, "COMPASSION! Mrs. T shows compassion everyday for our students. She constantly goes above and beyond to make sure every student succeeds and feels welcome!" Anyone that knows Mrs. Craig knows this all to be true, and so much more!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Huge shoutout to Elgin Wrestling Team, to both coaches and players! There is no better compliment than one that you weren't even aware someone was around and watching! Husky Pride at its finest!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Whoo hoo for Brooke. She has been recognized as a Husky Humanitarian! Ms. Borders states, "Compassionate Leader. Brooke volunteers to help others, recognizes when things need to be done and just quietly does them without being asked." Thanks Brooke for jumping in when you see a need!
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Shout out to Mrs. Sheehy! One of her students has recognized her as a Husky Humanitarian. Gabby states, "CARING. She has been the most supportive person for our senior class. She has pushed me to do my best this school year. I love how outgoing she is with our class. We all love you Mrs. Sheehy, and we are dreading the day we have to leave you!"
4 months ago, Dawn Guentert
Elgin FFA Alumni Meeting, Wednesday 11/30 @ 6:00pm
4 months ago, Elgin FFA